Audrey Grinceri

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a month ago

They do an amazing job simplifying our business life. The payroll they do for Tony's Carpets makes our life a breeze in busy work days. When we have questions or need assistance, they are always happy to help and super friendly. Thank you for everything all of you do!

Mary Ballard

3 reviews

a month ago

I’ve been using Cloud Payroll Pros for a few years now. Brian is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I’ve recently moved out of state to Texas, and he was able to make the proper adjustments to my payroll to reflect the taxes of this state. I definitely would recommend his payroll services.

Paul Pena

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a month ago

Knowledge and resources like a Fortune 500 company, service like a small town store. I have been a cloud payroll customer for almost 10 years. I've had other payroll companies tempt me with pricing and the talk of unbeatable service, but …More

scott cheramie

8 reviews

a month ago

Cloud Payroll Is the absolute best, most economical, and easiest payroll service out there! Brian and Briana make the setup so easy and are always available if I ever have a question or need! I highly recommend using Cloud for your payroll needs!

"Cloud Payroll really works! I went from using ADP to using an accountant for payroll, and finally spent the last year and a half with Paychex. When Paychex raised their rates in May, I decided to check out Cloud Payroll. It was great that they beat my previous rate by over 40%, but what really got me interested was the fact that I can do payroll anywhere at any time, and their customer service. Brian is always just a phone call away whenever I need anything."
Troy Manning – Insurance Agent

Cloud payroll is awesome. The staff are incredible, helpful and handle everything. The program is easy to operate and takes only a few minutes to process my payroll. Cloud Payroll has made my business easier.”
Andy Megaw – The Sign Shop

"I've been trying all day to say the right words to show my appreciation to a special company that I do business with. I've been with 3 different payroll companies and nothing compares to Cloud Payroll. Impeccable customer service!!! For instance, I was at my aunt's funeral about this time last year. I didn't want to leave the get together after the services, but I had to do payroll. I got on my cell phone, placed a call and without an extra fee or even being tossed around on the phone, my payroll was processed. Today their lovely representative Briana Bigham came in with a token of appreciation for my 1 year anniversary with them. Trust me folks, I have other vendors and service providers that I spend a lot of money with, but Cloud Payroll treats a small business owner like myself as if I spend millions with them. Thank you, and I look forward to our future ongoing business relationship.
Paul Pena- President of US Hose Inc

Cloud payroll is awesome. The staff are incredible, helpful and handle everything. The program is easy to operate and takes only a few minutes to process my payroll. Cloud Payroll has made my business easier.”
Andy Megaw – The Sign Shop
Hi Brian,
I really wanted to share with you just how appreciative I am of your service. When I joined this company the records kept here in the office by the last person were not up to par. Between her and the previous payroll service, I have received about ten letters from the IRS and EDD stating that the company owed money because of poor payroll reporting. You helped me deal with these government agencies. Because of your help and diligence, the company did not have to pay for the bad communication between the previous payroll service and this office. This company and I really appreciate that!
You walked me through the steps to process payroll each week. Even though it is a fairly easy system to use, I was glad to have step by step instructions so that payroll could be completed each week. When I did make a mistake I could call you up or email you and you were always right there with an answer. I also needed various other information for last year. You showed me how find it in the system or emailed it to me yourself.
Every conversation I have had with you ended with the results I needed. Whether I called you frustrated, confused about something, or just needed some information, you were knowledgeable and friendly-- right on time with what I needed.
The payroll system itself is pretty user friendly. Weekly payroll is hassle free and information I need for my records is easy to obtain. I like that all I have to do when a new employee is hired is enter the information I have and you guys make sure the reporting and tax information is sent to the proper authorities.
Brian, I really wanted you to know that I am pleased with your company and customer service. I have worked with several different methods of payroll and some of the bigger payroll companies (ADP & Paychex included), and in 20 years, I have never found the service and ease I find with you.
Thank you for your excellent customer service and the care and consideration you put into your payroll program and services. Good job and keep up the good work.
Tanisha Wilson
Office Manager
West Coast Collision Center, Inc.


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