Additional Services

Payroll Services

Our firm offers you the same comprehensive payroll service you would expect from a service bureau, with three key differences:

  • Superior Personalized Service
  • Total Flexibility,
  • And the Best Value.

Unlike the payroll service bureaus that use a "One size fits all" cookie-cutter approach, our Payroll Relief Program can be precisely designed to meet your unique needs!

Cloud Payroll's completely flexible State-of-the-Art system offers remarkable capabilities that enables our firm to work collaboratively with you! Based on our thorough knowledge of your business through our Personal Consultation with you, we will custom design a payroll service that is Optimal for your company's needs!'

Alliance Partners:

Greear Consultant Group, LLC (GCG) believes a safe and healthy work environment, which supports its employees by empowering them with the tools, knowledge and training to perform their jobs, will reduce business liability and increase operational productivity .

GCG is a team of professional advisors; with 60 years of experience in the following fields:

• Human Resources

  • EEOC Decree Compliance
  • Implementation of effective HR Processes
  • Company specific training programs
  • AB1825 - Sexual Harassment Training
  • Virtual HR Support

• Operations

  • Assessment of practices to increase profitability
  • Safety and Security
  • OSHA Compliance and Training

In today’s economic times, many businesses can’t afford a full time Human Resources manager which subjects their company to non-compliance and liability issues.
With the ever changing labor laws, a single misclassification, wrongful termination, rest and meal period break violation could ultimately put you out of business.
Every business has unique characteristics, there is no one size fits all solution. GCG analyzes your business needs, compiles and reviews all the available options with you in person, and then you decide the individualized business plan that best fits your needs and budget.

C laudell Greear-Maggio is the owner and CEO of GCG. Her 28 years of combined operations and human resource management experience brings a distinctive quality to GCG services. She and her team have a clear understanding of the impact human resource policies and procedures have on an operation. GCG emphasis is to partner with the operation to achieve the mutual goal of improving bottom line profits, while maintaining current assets through compliance. Cloud Payroll proudly recommends Greear Consultant Group's HR services.

CEO: Claudell Greear-Maggio

Workers Compensation by InsurePay (

  • - A "Pay-As-You-Go" Premium Payment Solution which electronically connects with more than 20 carriers.
  • - Uses Actual Payroll Data to Calculate and Collect Actual Premiums vs. Estimates each Pay Cycle.
  • - Premiums are Debited Directly from Business Owner's Account and remitted to appropriate carrier.
  • - Eliminate Large Down Payments
  • - No Year End Audit Surprises
  • - Reduced Administration & Costs
  • - Simple

Pay Cards by Sole (
Increase direct deposit to every US employee with the Sole Visa ® Debit Payroll Card. With this valuable pay card solution your employees have safe and secure access to their money 24 hours a day, at no cost to you - the employer! Streamline your payroll process with added savings, security and efficiency with Sole Card Solutions and Cloud Payroll.

  • - No Out of Pocket Expense
  • - Every Employee is Eligible
  • - Eliminate Stop Payment Fees
  • - Increase Productivity - No Check to Cash

401K Plans by The Online 401(k) (

  • - The Online 401(k) is a Web-based company that provides small and growing businesses with affordable, quality retirement plans. They are one of the few 401(k) providers that truly love working with small businesses and has a solution that meets their needs.
    Since 1999, they've been all about rock-solid, no-hidden fees 401(k) plans that fit your small business, no matter who you are. Today, more than 3,500 of those small businesses across 50 states rely on them to help them and their employers save at work.

125K Plans 'Cafeteria Plans' by Flex Today (

- FlexToday, Inc. was founded in 2008 to combine the latest in high-tech online services with creative benefit designs and flexible service options while maintaining the strong tradition of over 20 years personalized customer service.
Their goal is to provide proactive customer service; to provide the information you need before you have to ask.
They approach this goal from many directions to better serve the needs of our clients and their participants.

Among those services:

The FlexToday Blog: Subscribers to the Blog receive technical changes and service updates by email. The Blog is also is also available for easy and accessible research at any time. Your employees don’t have to wonder if we’ve received their claims because we confirm claims, account status and benefit payments by email, usually the same day.

Online Access and Secure Portals: Our clients have access to their accounts online on our secure online services and we provide secure, encrypted portals for customized reports and materials.